Terms & Conditions

Cedarads Network Terms & Conditions:
The Terms below govern cedarads services presented on cedarads.net. 
As a member of cedarads you accept all these terms and conditions stated below without exception and we may add more terms in the future .
a)You have to be 18 old to use cedarads services. 
b) You can register as individual or company on our website.
c) You can open only one account on cedarads advertiser/publisher. All accounts opened are monitored via ip detection . 
Countries Eligible to use Cedarads: 
Cedar Ads is designed For  Arab countries and it's official office based in Lebanon.
we currently do not allow registration outside midle east and north africa ( MENA REGION)
Cedarads is an avertising network allow advertiser and publishers to advertise and promote their business on cedarads platform.
a) Advertisers:
Advertise their products or services on publishers website available on the cedarads platform
Publishers are website owners sell Ad spaces on their website through cedarads platform 
c) Affiliates:
Affiliates are people who Refer either publisher or advertisers to our website and earn commission on their activity. 
3- Forbidden services:
You are Not allowed as advertiser to advertise products like :
-Military Weapons
-Adult content 
- illegal items
- Copyrights protected services like books,music,songs etc...
- Online pharmacy products unless authorized by sanitary authorities 
4- Monetary :
All payments are processed only via cedarads.net with our payment systems offered on cedarads platfrom.we currently offer payments via paypal, western union and skrill.
Electronics payment are processed via third parties so cedarads do not store any credit cards informations on it's database. 
Advertisers can pay via credit/debit cards or through westernion union. Payments via credit/debits are processed instantlty.
Payments via western union will be added to user account once collected by our agent. 
Money back policy or refund: 
For Advertisers: 
a)Cedarads allow refunds for advertisers after 72 hours of deposit if user balance have required amount.
b)All deposits after 72 hours are final.
c) All orders placed cannot be cancelled.
d) Refunds request are processed via the same way of deposit minus payment gateway processing fees or western union fees. 
For Publishers: 
Publishers payouts are made every 15th and 30th of each month
Publishers funds are paid via electronic payment gateways available on cedarads platform or offline such as western union or bank transfer or even hand to hand if possible.
Payouts are subject to withdrawal fees and it's out of cedarads control it depend on your chosen payment method so you always refer to each payment processor or bank fees.
Cedarads do not charge withdrawal fees.
Publisher earnings:
Cedarads offer high payout rate for publishers  wich earning is 70% from each sale and cedarads share is 30%.
please Note that minimum payout is 25$.
Special payout rate can be offered for high traffic websites within a special deal.
5-Account Cancellation 
Users can request account cancellation by opening a support ticket. Once cancelation request recieved your account will closed and deleted from our database with all informations related to your account. Any way your account will remain active for a period of 30 days to cancel your request.After 30 days days your account will be permanantly deleted.
If your account have positive balance we will refund you within the same way you have deposited your funds. Account closure fees are 10% of the available balance.
You are most welcome to come back again and open a new account.If you decide to come back again and buy ads from our publishers we will give you back the 10% account closure fees and it will be added to your account balance. please note that these 10% cannot be withdrawn and used only for purchases.